Welcome to the documentation of my journey inward ✨

I find it quite useful to name my anchors. An anchor can be a practice that brings me back to truth or it can be a mantra or affirmation that brings me back to the realizations that woke me from my slumber in the first place. By having my anchors…

How ridiculous is that concept if you think about it
Except it makes perfect sense in our



Death lurks around the corner but we




When someone’s skin shows
That they’re inching towards it
It’s a code red emergency

The combination of striving for perfection and…

I sat with my dad for lunch today. It was overdue. I work with him, making products and using his place as the warehouse. He takes care of accounting so we speak frequently about all that stuff.

We were due for a moment of proper connection.

So we sit down…

Let food be thy medicine 🫐

The outer Yang protective energy (protecting against virus’s, germs and environmental factors) is supported by eating unprocessed, whole foods.

I had a revelation recently.

I used to choose my foods based on their protein, carb and fat content. Based on how the foods would…

Our world is a little fucked up.

Ok, a lot fucked up.

I say this for many reasons, but for the purpose of this entry, I am talking about the fact that so many people have children before they’ve healed their shit.

Or before they’ve acknowledged that they even have…

Every morning, I drop deep into my heart and feel my connection to myself. I start this process with some of the most potent affirmations I’ve resonated with;

“I am here, I have a right to be here. I belong here. I am whole. I am heard. I am love.”

Natasha Victoria

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